Thanks to the whole of Britain for coming to see me over the past four months, thanks to Aberdeen for the start, with the American in Balcony, Durham and the lovely castle, Bromsgrove and Charlie the plant, Norwich man with a cock eye he didn’t know he had, Perth Stone of desire, Dumfermline with Orla and the gang, Glasgow hard scots, Bury where i was called Jedwards dad, Blackpool with the racist family, Barrow submarines and lighthouses, Bristol more submarine engineers having affairs, middlesbrough cock eyes and sandbanks everywhere, Halifax and all your famous stuff, toffee, carpets, serial killers etc, Manchester with grandads hash pipes, Northampton drunks roaring at me, Birmingham Town Hall and the fantastic Gary, Huddersfield and the beer garden drinkers, Leeds PE and cakehole, Worchester raffle, posh Ben, big organ, Dudley and the dangerous chippy with mad dog owners, Telford Andy the farmer,
Corby the cube, broken paramedics, Harrogate posh people upstairs, leeds downstairs, Milton Keynes biscuit engineers and makers, Brighton posh boy in the front, Colchester as we all stood on dead people, Sheffield church of Jason goers, St.Albans Irish Paddy go on ye good thing Paddy, Hammersmith apollo massive, Winchester howled with laughter, Leicester and my man that would do anything for me, stephen fry too, Coventry no Warwick, pommegranite, Belfast Ballimina Hiiiiyaaa, wimborne fro finding robin, Aldershot Adlershit, no aldershot man, Canterbury little Charlie, Southend deadly, Lincoln drill hall, first ever Tank mad bastards, Cambridge evil father, economist cycle, Swindon magicroundabouts late Mark, Bath delight, russell hair do, linda no daughter, Kendal i lost weight, wigan winchester eyes, and finally Dundee the gig that wasn’t on, thanks to you all, and keep a special cock eye on this site for the new tour in september 2012, i’ll be 40 arrrghhhhh !!!!