Holy shit what a week, firstly me and Des bishop go and see my heros The Pixies in melbourne, then Des says he knows them, i meet them after , shit myself and say hello to Frank Black, David, Joey and i seen Kim, and then shit myself again. Then i hear the Grand Prix is in melbourne, i shit myself, then i get VIP hello Australia tickets to the race, I shit myself, the cars are deadly, noisey and we then got to walk right up to them, and I shit myself…….i’ll post the pics and if i can sort the video, i’ll also put them on as well, OH and the gigs are deadly in melbourne, thanks to Bogger the dancer, and all the other poor fucks i got up, you were all deadly, i’m loving the shows and we’ve only the first week done. I’m going to the actual race tomorrow, the F1 that is, to shit myself again !!!!!