Thanks to all in Brisbane, i had a ball in the powerhouse, the staff deadly and the gigs amazing, three great gigs in an 800 seater, its a blast…..also thanks to the irish girl who came over to me after the gig with her mate from Limerick, and after her talking to me for ten minutes, then said, i didn’t want to talk to you i only wanted your photo, thats it, keep the irish misery spreading and we’ll have the whole world infected soon.
A big thank you to the people that got it in the face with the hands, can’t reveal, so if you want to know what i’m on about head to the show, so a thank you to the two 15 year old lads and their mammy and her friend, the lad who was coming, the belfast man, the two girls on friday, that thought i’d wait for them before i started the show, the drunk irish man, and finally the deer killer, oh and thanks to all at the chalkboard on friday night that will be joining me in killing Pauline Hansen…..keep reading for more updates, heading to melbourne next.