Holy jasus, what a time i’ve just had, hit eric lalors wedding and willo, on thursday the 26th, 27th i fly to madrid (outta it), do a gig recked with Adam hills, it started at 12 midnight, then we leave the stage at 3am, adam tries to buy a house in melbourne, we then eat, go to bed for five minutes, get a train to Barcelona, eat in a restaurant with the wifes and friends……it costs 500 euros, Bastardo’s, then we do the gig at 10pm to the spainish NO WE’RE NOT SPAINISH, sorry the catholonians (spelt wrong on purpose), go to cocktail bar, get wrecked till 3am, get up sunday, have a brekkie, go to Barcelona v real madrid, i owe an irish lad 50 euro’s he gave it to me outside the stadium, me and eric watch match…….we go back eat, drink, then get up , home to dublin, i shake hands with me kids and leave for london to do a brillo show in the leicester sq comedy theatre, what a venue, deadly, then have a chinese, go to bed……..fly home and now i’m going to TOP GEAR LIVE FOR FUCKS SAKE…..who ever says comedians don’t do anything !!!!